Mia is a 4 year old female kitten with a wonderful personality. She is most likely a DLH x Maine Coon mix of some sort. She was rescued when she was about 6-8 weeks old and was very malnourished. She barely survived (unfortunately, her brother did not make it...R.I.P Maverick), but now she is healthy and loving life. 


Mia is a sweet girl and would be great in a home with other cats, a cat-friendly dog, and/or children. She loves attention, being cuddled, and is happy to just be around people. She has an outgoing, friendly personality with moderate energy and is ready to play when you are! She needs a home with people who can provide a lot of one on one time who are willing to keep her litter box very clean, as she will go outside of the box if it is not reasonably clean. She has been returned once due to this issue, so we are looking for a forever home who will love and care for her regardless. She also needs a decent amount of brushing/grooming, as she gets mats very easily. Mia would love to be adopted with her rescue friend, Simon, as they are great friends. Applicants willing to keep them together are preferred!


Mia, When Rescued and Now

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