About Us

Welcome to SnooperHeroes!

SnooperHeroes Cat and Canine Rescue began in 2012, when we really learned about the sad reality of shelters in our area. We became very involved in animal rescue and decided to follow our hearts, housing rescued animals full-time. We are a small, family owned, home-based rescue located in Conway, NC.


We strongly believe in the humane treatment of animals and hold true to our mission that every animal rescued should have a second chance at life and love. We are happy to have been able to rescue many cats and dogs from inhumane situations and kill shelters. All of whom came into rescue as a last resort, when they were in dire need.


We have also helped our community by trapping, spaying/neutering, and releasing multiple cats in local feral colonies. In addition, We have assisted financially with spay and neuter operations for owners who simply could not afford the high cost of vet care. We have offered and continue to offer our help to the community with the hope that one day Eastern North Carolina will have fewer homeless pets.